Baptism At An Indian Shrine

I guess I feel like the timing was providential.

Wait, that makes me sound . . . Calvinist. read more

The Immensity Of Smallness

Rob Wegner of Granger Church in Indiana coins a beautiful phrase in his book Share The Well: The Immensity Of Smallness I love that.    It reminds us that vision casting without an action plan is mere daydreaming. It assures us that every significant journey begins with a few steps.  And most importantly, it awakens us to the reality that our omnipresent God has chosen to inhabit the routine and the mundane.  The immensity of smallness. I’m drawn to that phrase because I think it describes my week. On the one hand, we just completed an enormous project (called The Home Campaign) with some pretty astounding results that we will announce this coming Sunday.

Then my post yesterday offered some views on baptism that differ from accepted United Methodist norm.  It all caused a mini-firestorm in the Methodist blogosphere, and the comments that followed either lauded my courage or asked me to rescind my ordination papers. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things I Don’t Really Believe (Or Say) Anymore In Ministry

Both in my seminary preparation for ministry and then again in my early years of parish work, I heard certain voices of authorities offer specific morsels of wisdom that I took to be gospel truth. 

So I internalized them, repeated them, and practiced them in church work. read more


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