Life Group Bible Studies

Life Groups Bible Studies

Growing Life Groups to Impact Communities

Growing with Life Groups

Small group Bible studies have proven to be the most effective way to move people in your church towards maturity. What are some ways to get more people involved and to have their experiences be better once they’re “in”?
  1. Resources

    Good curricula are vital to strong bible studies. We know you’re looking for material that is biblically grounded, culturally connected, and personally applicable.
  2. Perspective

    We believe that good curricula also motivates people to become involved in projects larger than themselves. Bible studies become movements when the material catalyzes action.
  3. Collaboration

    Bible study leaders glean wisdom, insight, and technique from one another as your church culture becomes more about having people in circles than sitting in rows.
  4. Christian Leadership

    Some leaders spend a lot of time on the “what ifs”? What if I’d made a different decision? What if I was in a different place? Good leaders, however, move from what if to now what? We can analyze our mistakes so much that we fail to take action to correct them. I’m more of a “what if-fer,” and I’ll share my leadership what-ifs with you in my newsletter.

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