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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Characteristics Of The Gospel Of Mark

By way of review: the bible is not a book.  It is a library.  Many different authors, multiple writing styles, written over a long span of time. read more

A King’s Ransom, Week 3 — The “King Of The Hill” Sermon Rewind

On almost every Sunday morning, I meet with two friends who pray with me at 7:45 and declare with confidence, “Hey guys, guess what?  It’s gonna be great!”  Part of that, I’m sure, is talking myself into that same conviction. read more


In church leadership, it is quite tempting to confuse personal preference for effective church strategy. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections From A Weekend Just Past

In reflecting over the last several days, I realized that this past weekend was an unusual one. read more

#TBT — San Antonio, June 16, 1979

Continuing a nostalgia theme for this week’s post, here is an article from a San Antonio newspaper (The Light?  The Express?  The Light-Express?) on June 16, 1979: read more

Half Of 56 Is 28

I realized something with a jolt the other day:  I have been a pastor for over half of my life. read more