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What A Basketball WRITER Taught A Tennis PLAYER About Ministry

Bill Simmons, who is a Boston-bred, Ringer-based author and columnist, has written the definitive history of the NBA with his The Book Of Basketball. read more

Princeton & The Pain Of Prevenient Grace

In yesterday’s post, I had the nerve to ask whether a degree from Princeton University (or any other “elite” school for that matter) is more of a burden than a blessing. read more

A Talking To Think Moment … And Some New Language For Us?

I have shared with many of you before that there are two kinds of people in the world:  those who talk to think and those who think to talk. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Paul Simon Songs

Having just finished Robert Hilburn’s Paul Simon: The Life, I thought it time to collect my top five (or six) favorite songs from Art Gurfunkel’s shorter, and more prolific half. read more

#EyeRollers, Week 5 — “Be Perfect, Therefore”

A lot of blood has been shed and even more ink has been spilled trying to make sense of this Sunday’s eye roller from Matthew 5:48: read more